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This is sorcery. Four players coming together with Intention for one day and one night. Recording the results. Sharing the ritual with you. When the mind was not distracted with the current fashion of musical genres. And the Intention was to bridge the Known (playing sound devices) with the Unknown (using the sound devices in strange ways) to Create..The Unknowable. We offer you ...Electric Blue.


released March 3, 2013

Sound Design and Magic: Q and Nirai
Editing: Nirai
Guest Musicians: Chayton Whitehawk and Myra Deer
Keys, Zar, Zither, Guitar, Drums, Oceanic, Tunning Disc, Magic: Q
Vocals, Deer rattles, Sticks, Various Bells, Native Drum, Birds: Nirai
Electric guitar, Percussion: Chayton
Keys, Narration, Accordion: Myra

Fine Art by Q
Photography and Graphic Design by Nirai



all rights reserved


All Orange Multimedia California

aLL Orange: Twila Wild & Q, a caravan that arrives in your town taking you into a mysterious house of Light & Shadow, a flourescent glow in the dark. a Multimedia show using Light, sounds from primal instruments/found objects, Projections, & a voice chanting from the other side. aLL Orange is sure to take you to other dimensions..... prepare for an intense time & deep understandings. ... more

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Track Name: Running Electric
I am a simple one
capable of magic unseen
always waiting for the clue
i am so at the scene
and all around me is a dream
stay simple and light
i am walking
the path to you
coming closer
I am the guardian of light
believer in heaven above
believer in goodness feast
i am the guardian of love
and no mind is pushing the way
and no mind is crushing dismay
I am a simple one
come and play

skin marks pink to red
to explosive evolve
both holes filled
your back is a map
of the Orgon spine
and blue pools
running electric
until you vanished
into your own universe

i see
through the trees
and all around me is a dream

see you in never Neverland my love

Lyrics by Q
Track Name: Sandworld
how do you get to the Sandwolrd
you go to the darkness

we are riding out to the line of the horizon

how do you get to the Sandworld
you go to the darkness
you take off all your cloths

and we share water blue
water blue
water blue

mouth to mouth to skin to
water blue
water blue

out and over the sand
than we leap again
out to over the horizon

than we share water blue
mouth to mouth to skin to

you go to the darkness
you take off all your cloths
you shut your internal voices
the female kneals
and her male holds her
and you listen to the voice
we are riding out to the line of the horizon

and we share water blue
water blue
water blue
collecting water
oh oh oh
until our power is full

Lyrics by Q
Track Name: Joining Electric
losing your form
gaining your will
feeling like air flow
riding your mind blow
the pieces are drifting
into a black hole
biting her sex poles
your ball is on fire
and death so still
behind the wire
and a wild deer by the water
seen as a glimpse
revives the link
the slightest moment
a key joint
desert night
sand world bright
luminescent blue arrow
thirsty lips drinking the marrow of time
to fly
above the round red dome glowing
your figures like lines
waving longer
joining electric
propelling the return
soaking in our desert water
heaven and i
your voice so soft

Lyrics by Nirai
Track Name: Find Your Allies
your agents of light
have been dispatched
with haste
from heaven above

find your allies
seek their council
be their eyes and ears
holding their flame
beyond the pain
beyond the purpose

Lyrics by Q
Track Name: Completely Electric
facing each other
mouths open
beginning to breath
exchanging breaths
then as we were breathing
we were guided to a New Position
my hands, you placed around you
and continued further into silence
Into Knowing
you were able to move through the air
into Spirit
you were able
to extend to fly to rise
yet... I was an Anchor
your energy moved into my hands
into my skin, to my muscles, to my bones

Narration by Myra Deer
Track Name: It's a Fine Line
It's a fine line
It's a fine line

Lyrics by Nirai
Track Name: Oh The Mystery
Ocean flame
High refrain
oh the mystery

canyon rise
light divine
oh the mystery

little sun little sun
heart and soul
oh so old

rain on me
rain so free
God is here
never fear

when all is done
life is the run

God is here
never fear
we have sung

Lyrics by Q