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Our 5th and final studio album situated us in global recapitulation from Egypt to a blank White Page. We had completed a cycle of creativity. We were left with small fragments of human sound making opening the abstract forms of new music, and then we said goodbye to the studio.


released November 9, 2003



all rights reserved


All Orange Multimedia California

aLL Orange: Twila Wild & Q, a caravan that arrives in your town taking you into a mysterious house of Light & Shadow, a flourescent glow in the dark. a Multimedia show using Light, sounds from primal instruments/found objects, Projections, & a voice chanting from the other side. aLL Orange is sure to take you to other dimensions..... prepare for an intense time & deep understandings. ... more

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Track Name: Egypt
when the moon moves upland
so the black of night deepens
and those lost stars are found
shining more light across your eyes
and that shadow lengthens inland
so many died to take the seed
sown into the myth of time
we grow beyond seas and tides
we find the treasure underneath
we gather songs for all ears
we fall to fields of evergreen
for fire into clearest white
glowing now into right sight
for fire into waiting flight
into sky we rise tonight
Track Name: White Page
and this is the last page
i'd like to find solace
and this is the white page
and this is the white page
one more request from God
maybe i'd be heard this time
humble whisperings
places where children sleep
i cannot concentrate
on this dream
there is no where to fly
there is no where to fly
all hurts hurts hurts
do you remember your dream
to all those who listen
did you forget the whole scene
do you remember your dream
Track Name: Butterflies
what a time of forgetting
when i can't let go enough
and the air is mixed hotness
boiling me to see clear
a thousand orange butterflies
a thousand clowns of courage
and you were the only one
and you were
Track Name: Waiting For You
Noor would light a candle to bring the dreaming body of Q into her space. they would than hold hands and walk through the membrane that separated this earth dimension from the parallel sand world.
Track Name: War Time
barbed wire denotes desire
the window sill believed
the maker
freedom is on the way
between the shadows
more shadows
and ever so green
as wild as thin
trust our generation
to cultivate penetration
into barbed wire
to light a fire
troubled waters
shine like oil
and music
Track Name: Kings and Queens
and as the universe
takes its cloths off
to change the mood
kings and queens
sitting on floor pillows
hearing the sounds
hearing the sounds
rubbing stones to reveal
their meaning
i speak the meaning
of your name
and fall under a spell
and rise riding on a wave
to greet the coming
the loving
Track Name: She Is So Heavy
she is so heavy
words or effects
words affect
words affect

such moment of stillness
maybe its decades
of dark matter
piling on top of itself

she is so heavy
she is so heavy