Sacred Document

by aLL Orange Multimedia

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Sacred Document, the second album by aLL Orange Multimedia, took us into the Tolteca Dream Landscape. Each track was meant to be a dreaming guidance, building to a release into the stars of infinity.


released March 25, 2002



all rights reserved


All Orange Multimedia California

aLL Orange: Twila Wild & Q, a caravan that arrives in your town taking you into a mysterious house of Light & Shadow, a flourescent glow in the dark. a Multimedia show using Light, sounds from primal instruments/found objects, Projections, & a voice chanting from the other side. aLL Orange is sure to take you to other dimensions..... prepare for an intense time & deep understandings. ... more

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Track Name: How Hard It Is
you don't know how hard it is
the eyes and the ears left to
capture and devour it all
you don't know how hard it is
to understand beauty so much
that everything female pulls you so tightly
and you have been fortunate
enough to have tasted it often
like an addict who has legal drugs
always at his disposal
and must for social sake
deny his habit secretly
with no group to encounter with
and no withdrawal to contend with
left wandering in heaven
unable to sample everything
cause god is not that friendly
and you wouldn't change a thing
the challenge is wonderful
the longing is motivation
the distance is tempting
the eyes and the ears left to
capture and devour it all
Track Name: Leave The Love
leave the love to me
the yesterday was just a dream
i cannot take your kiss
see your love against my back
to hold my kiss too long
i fall into your love
i sink below the flames
i am forever burning
so leave the love to me
just take me as you wish
take my mind have my soul
just leave the love to me
just leave me burning free free
Track Name: Only You Can Know My Pain
only you can know my pain
i never knew how long it would take
the fortunes of man lost in the wake
forever he to she to it
the pattern of fate awaits
only you can know my pain
i give to you not in vain
the look of envy for the door
leading to freedom at distant shore
my hand is clasped to hold the moon
my heart is dancing in god's room
cannot the press of death await
till i am golden covered fate
here is the reason that i came
to break the rules of the game
i am the trick set into flow
the one you'll wish at last to know
take me by the hand
Track Name: Terra
because the souls of angels
have fallen from that bed
the heart of love lays beating
the ghost of love lays sleeping
look not to planes of meaning
the sky is too full of dread
to wonder is to fathom
the nature of silent knowledge
i'll never let you answer
unless it lets me fly
to wonder is to fathom
the nature of silent knowledge
when the barriers are lifted
the life force can be released
to see your eyes clearly
to see your eyes clearly
Track Name: Run With Me
when all around us is paved pretend
we rally our hope in embrace
of the sacred union of opposites
of the wondrous way of magic
and i take you with the surrender
for no world shall push us apart
we go from this place of hatred
we flee from the arrows of pain
at last in the city of happiness
the city of death has passed
so freely from our lips fall joy
and tender the touch of rejoice
run with me run with me
the house of hope has been built
to live a life that's worth living
is to give back the moment of truth
and give birth to a world of caring
Track Name: Love as a Way to Be
love as a way to be
i can hear when i listen to love
i can see when i watch love
i can hear when i listen to love
love as a way to be
we fly into the arms of love
we fly into the arms of love
only the lonely can call it
only the guiltless can tame it
only the child can desire it