Someone Somewhere

by aLL Orange Multimedia

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Someone Somewhere was aLL Orange Multimedia first album, released in 2001. It represents the extreme bond that was to later produce their neo-vaudeville stage performances.


released December 21, 2001



all rights reserved


All Orange Multimedia California

aLL Orange: Twila Wild & Q, a caravan that arrives in your town taking you into a mysterious house of Light & Shadow, a flourescent glow in the dark. a Multimedia show using Light, sounds from primal instruments/found objects, Projections, & a voice chanting from the other side. aLL Orange is sure to take you to other dimensions..... prepare for an intense time & deep understandings. ... more

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Track Name: Someone Somewhere
when i awake to see the dawn
when i sleep to dream the night
my soul will meet you there
i reach to hold you there

when the ocean rolls ashore
when the wind takes me home
my heart will meet you there
i reach to hold you there

there is no one like you
no one else to know me
there is no one left but you
no one else to need me

when the dawn is brightest
when the ocean loudest
there is someone who sees me
there is someone who hears...
Track Name: Fear
hands around my fire
breath against my style
tears over my longing
hands to hold my desire
breath to take my fear
breath to take my fear
i live for your fear
i long for the guilt
cry against my smile
hold the last of me
harder into the emptiness
harder into the emptiness
filling your partner
filling each space
filling the dark
overflowing panic
as i let you eat
as i let you eat it all
all of me
eating all of me
hands around my fire
eating all of me
breath to take away my fear..
Track Name: Talk Hole
i love your talk hole
i love my sex hole
talking to my head hole
forgive nothin'? anymore
forgive nothin'? anymore
i live for my holes
i give my holes
take everything
take it now
every hole
the best
my talk hole
my sex hole
my head hole
it's all open
all dark
every hole every space
the darkest... the darkest
...the best
Track Name: I Love You The Most
i love you the most
every time i look
deep in your eyes
every time i look
deep in your eyes
i feel my peace
i feel my release
i feel that time will cease
shadows line the lifelong hall
over the words last unsaid
your hands hold my thoughts unsaid
like diamonds at the water's edge
shadows line the lover's place
marks like kisses on your face
marks like kisses on your face
Track Name: Wishing Wish Upon A Star
wishing wish upon a star
of love forever never far
the comet left a trail of light
a sign of fortune sign delight
it told of you in far retreat
sending thought without relief
wishing wish upon a star
of love forever never far
Track Name: Message One
let's sing to the moon
remember me
let's touch the brightest star
my hands with yours above
i prayed for your guidance
i looked for your eyes
never in the books of magic
has god been so alive
remember me
let's see how far we travel
let's fly on wings of song
over planets
across distance made for doing
give it back to you
to sing...
a smile unending