Sorcery Volume I

by aLL Orange Multimedia

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It had been many years since All Orange recorded in the studio. We approached this album as an adventure to capture the sounds of Sorcery. Sorcery as the Intended Acts of Tolteca Magicians for the renewal of perception. It would be just the two of us, creating a world from the Unknowable. This time we would bring back creativity from Source.


released May 31, 2013

Q: Keys, Zar, Guitar, Tunning Disc, Magic
Nirai: vocals, big native drum, shakers, bells, bird calls

Sound Design: Q and Nirai
Sound Editing: Nirai



all rights reserved


All Orange Multimedia California

aLL Orange: Twila Wild & Q, a caravan that arrives in your town taking you into a mysterious house of Light & Shadow, a flourescent glow in the dark. a Multimedia show using Light, sounds from primal instruments/found objects, Projections, & a voice chanting from the other side. aLL Orange is sure to take you to other dimensions..... prepare for an intense time & deep understandings. ... more

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Track Name: Viking Song
with this moon
i thee wed
with this spark
i thee burn
marking deep
pledge to keep
we are viking root
art of blade and flame
we travel as water drift
we live within this shift
our mood is dark
we of the light
for only in this quest for life
can we see the way out of strife
our fathers cut the path before
our brothers showed there was more

Track Name: Chained
the wall
cool touched
touching her salt tears

i loved you
you loved me
to the wall

Chained and cool
bound for you
touching her salt tears

This wall remained the cool other side
your touch between worlds


chained to the wall
Track Name: The Season Within
the eye of listening
the seed glistening
fire with seeing
wishing and doing
reason to willing
the season within
you know me
long ago i killed
the ego of limits
and you just forgot

no life is complete without you

i walk the spaces between starlight
to beat at heavens door
my path is based on feeling
my eyes have seen no ending

Track Name: Heart Blood
i found your heart
discarded by the roadside
no one was crying but me
i watched your special beat
i saw your style blood
just me and your heart
now against my chest
lifting beats of love
matched perfect to my own
the moon and the sun
a true Tolteca wedding

a leader without a tribe
a civilization without Art
a world without air
here we live
here we die

i wore a veil
to hide my fate
i wore a knife
to seal my fate
i have no problems
people try to know me
people try to love me
i wore a hat
to hide my eyes
from other eyes
from eyes of love
from eyes of tears
from death eyes
take me gone
hiding no more

Track Name: Can You See Beyond
can you see
beyond the stars
beyond what you know


my life or yours
my guidance or ours
two guides on one path
take turns leading
until the night
when two pairs of ears unite
to hear the way

then others join
we walk four now
taking your hand
when the night comes
we can run now
into less fear

Track Name: How Have We Fallen
how have we fallen
casting stones
on our hands and knees
lighting candles
how like the thunder
God why this now
pray for us our lord
how have we fallen
like trees
how have we fallen
kissing stones
kissing the prophet grove
the cry of the coyotes is now

take roads leading to the rainbow
leading to the white flowers
try dreaming far
climb high
the road is clear
try my love
to drive your will high

Track Name: On My Way
on my way
I saw the lion heart
beating through time
beating alone
a roar so like the thunder
spread through the night
the night i recognized
the pain is not mine


i was once in the East
when i was a creator

i was once in the South
when i was a lover

i was once in the West
when i was a sorcerer

i was once in the North
when i was a student

once i had a direction
long ago i had a plan
then i was complete
and i still had to move
so i traveled up and out
so i willed up and out
i no longer need direction

Track Name: Little Is Big Enough
today i walked through the Gate of Fear
there isn't much to tell it's just how it feels
the dark is darker then ever
the trust enthrusted in the feather
flying towards flying
in a near ending quagmire


what about the Ferris Wheel
the saucer cups for a thrill
a haunted house might do the trick
i can outlast the need to be sick
shooting gallery drop the dime
cotton stuff and candy slime
the show is lights and loud sh-bang
we leave together as a gang
this is now everything
little is big enough
little is the mind of hope
big is the thought of will
we ride the up and down theme
just long enough to dream
i thought that you would
you thought that i would
we rode the ride to the end
just long enough to pretend
this is now everything
little is big enough

Track Name: To Catch The Sun
a new flower blooms
to catch the sun
to hold the rain
your heart speaks
forever and ever and ever